About Diversity Works

Diversity Works is a consultancy that helps employers shape their workplaces to better reflect their communities and their most important audiences. We identify and address structures and practices that prevent companies from hiring and promoting a more diverse workforce. Our team and advisory committee come from a broad range of professions and have a shared passion for workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Tiffany Cody

Executive DEI Consultant

Tiffany is a seasoned marketing and communications professional who is passionate about the fundamentals of workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion. She has worked as an in-house communications and public relations strategist in academia and non-profit organizations. She also has digital marketing and advertising experience in corporate America. Tiffany’s personal experiences, as well as the experiences of colleagues, friends, and family, led to her pursuing a masters’ degree in diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The combination of communications, marketing, and DEI experiences make Tiffany uniquely qualified to lead client DEI communications with Diversity Works.


Elizabeth Curwen

Founder, Managing Partner

Elizabeth is a veteran communications and public affairs strategist who developed a keen interest in workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion after spending years helping clients segment and develop campaigns targeting different audiences. She was increasingly convinced that these efforts would be more successful if the teams developing the messages looked more like the intended recipients of the messages. Elizabeth has led client engagements on climate and sustainability, women’s health, children’s health insurance coverage, entrepreneurship, and a wide range of policy issues. She also teaches a writing workshop to improve professional writing skills.


Holly Wittenberg

Managing Partner

Holly is a management consultant who helps identify strategic opportunities that drive business value. She is a co-founder of Diversity Works. Holly brings 20 years of management consulting, entrepreneurship, venture capital and post-merger integration experience to engagement that help companies commit to relevant diversity goals. Drawing on her degrees in business and economics, she draws on her data analytics experience to deliver insights to her customers.